Japanese-style restaurant-hotel equipped with in-house hot springs for
enjoying hearty Japanese cuisine | Arima Onsen Okuno Hosomichi

Japanese-style restaurant-hotel equipped with in-house hot springs for enjoying hearty Japanese cuisine | Arima Onsen Okuno Hosomichi



If you stay in Arima Onsen, please stay at Okuno Hosomichi.

Our hotel consisting of two buildings, the main building newly built in May 2017 and the renovated annex, is a restaurant-hotel where you can enjoy hearty Japanese cuisine and Arima specialty – Gold hot springs.

Our hotel is situated in a quiet space a step away from the life of the hot springs town, with all the rooms having a balcony with a view to changes of the seasons in the mountains and an open-air bath. This is a Japanese-style hotel for adults who enjoy the flow of time at a leisurely pace.

The annex has reasonable compact rooms without a bathroom.
(In April 2019, we will open a room in a combination of Japanese and Western styles in the annex. This is a spacious room where a maximum of 6 people can stay.)

The managing chef is Tadamichi Ota who was awarded two medals in Japan.
Young and highly skilled professionals under the leadership of the chef provide dishes that delight the eye as well as the palate in pursuit of new Japanese cuisine.

For a guest staying more than one night, we change the main and appetizer so as to provide new taste and surprising dishes on a daily basis.


The main building was built in May 2017. All the rooms have a balcony with a view to the changes of the seasons in Mt. Rokko and an open-air bath. The open-air bath has two types: clear colorless house source of hot spring gentle to the skin and Arima specialty – Gold hot springs. The annex was renovated in May 2017, in which the rooms are more compact than those in the main building and have no bathroom. So you can stay there at a reasonable price. (They are equipped with toilet and lavatory)There are paid chartered baths (50 minutes: 3,000 yen) in the annex. Please feel free to tell us if you wish to use one.

  • deluxroom

    Japanese-style suite room with Gold hot springs

  • room

    Japanese-style room with Gold hot springs

  • standardroom

    Japanese-style suite room with House source of spring

  • annex1fsuiteroom

    NEW(2019/11 OPEN)
    Japanese-Style Suite room with Gold hot springs & foot bath.
    This is the largest room in the ryokan. (First floor)

  • annexstudiosuiteroom

    NEW(2019/5 OPEN)
    Japanese-style Studio suite room with Gold hot springs.

  • annexroom

    Japanese-style room (*Shared bathroom)


Free amenity services available in the room

Free Wi-Fi / Coffee machine / Tea / Sweets / Beverages in the refrigerator are provided for free / Socks * A lady amenity set in a pouch with Japanese pattern is presented only to female guests.

Towels / Dryer / Air cleaner with humidifying function / TV set / Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) / Safe / Toilet with cleaner


Portraying cotton candy as clouds in a pot and placing wagyu beef on the cotton candy,the specialty “Unkai Nabe (sea of clouds pot)” is served as the main, the appetizer is 12 seasonal assorted Japanese side dishes and the dessert is miracle ice cream: these dishes are served in a manner that delights the eye as well as the palate.
As our cuisine volume is larger than normal kaiseki cuisine, please try our dinner once if you felt dissatisfied with kaiseki cuisine in the past.



If you arrive later than 20:00, we are not able to prepare dinner.
The dinner price is not refunded in case of your late arrival. Please be careful about time.
If you are allergic to any foodstuff, please consult us beforehand.
We are unable to respond to any request on the day of your stay.

Seasonal food materials and option menu

Throughout the year

  • Raw sea urchin (roe) on a wooden plate, 1 plate (4,500 yen)
  • Abalone sashimi or grilled (3,500 yen)
  • Lobster sashimi or grilled (8,000 yen)
  • Kobe beef steak 50 g (4,000 yen)

(Please enter the number of grams you need at the time of reservation.)

Change the course of dishes

  • Special course with Kobe beef & Awaji beef & abalone & shark’s fin (+8,000 yen per person)
  • Change the main dish from Unkai Nabe to Kobe beef & Awaji beef diced steak.

Bowl: Steamed abalone & shark’s fin

Sushi: Kobe beef or Awaji beef sushi

Special recommendation: Diced steak of 50 g of Kobe beef and 50 g of Awaji beef

Seasonal / price:Market value

Sep-Oct: Matsutake mushroom

Dec-Feb: Fugu (blowfish), snow crab

Jun-Jul: Hamo (conger pike)

Please order the following dishes when booking a room. (We are unable to accept an order placed 4 days before your stay or later.)


Both dinner and breakfast are served in one of all private dining rooms on the second floor of the main building.
(The setting is a table with chairs.)

Operating Hours

  • Dinner 18:00-21:00 (Last order 19:00)
  • Breakfast 7:00-9:30 (Last order 8:30)


You can enjoy Arima Onsen specialty – Gold hot springs in an open-air bath and an indoor hot spring of house source with the spring quality close to Silver hot springs.
Towels and skin lotions are available in each dressing room for a large bath.
You can just drop in and take a bath empty-handed.


Large Baths A and B are alternately used by men and women in the morning and night.

  • Open-air bath: Gold hot springs
  • House source of spring: Hot springs containing ingredients close to Silver hot springs
  • Sauna
  • Water bath

Operating hours

15:00~24:00 / 6:00~10:00


There are paid chartered baths in the annex. There are two types of bath: Gold hot springs in an open-air bath and heated water in an indoor bath. (50 min: 3,000 yen)


Free services available at the post bathing lounge

Beverages / Ice cream / Massage chairs


A coffee machine providing freshly ground coffee and refreshments such as candies and chocolate are available for you in the lobby with Japanese-style interior.
A small Azuma-ya (arbor) visible from the lobby terrace is our dedicated foot-bath.
Please enjoy the foot-bath while listening to the sound of birds singing and the murmur of the river.
(Towels are available at the foot-bath.)



Please give us a call after you arrive at Arima Onsen bus terminal.
Telephone: +81-078-907-3555

We will pick you up in 5 minutes.
(In front of Arima Onsen Station it is not permitted to park a car and wait. Be sure to call us after you arrive at Arima Onsen. We cannot accept your call before your arrival.)


Although Google MAP shows 13 minutes on foot, it takes more than 20 minutes because of steep slopes.
The use of our shuttle bus service is recommended. Takes more than 20 minutes because of steep slopes.